About Quaker Quest

At Quaker Quest we believe that the Quaker way is a spiritual path for our time, a path that is simple, radical and contemporary. Quaker Quest offers several sessions on various themes. You can attend any or all of them as you wish.

Come to Zoom Quaker Quest.

While Friends House remains closed in the evenings the Quaker Quest team welcome you to drop in online via Zoom for chat, questions, a sharing of views and our individual spiritual experiences. We hope that each evening will be driven by you, the Questers, and that we respond to what you want to know. It will last for an hour and a half and will include a thumbnail introduction to Quakers in Britain, an interactive period of discussion and towards the end of the evening an opportunity to experience a brief period of Quaker stillness and worship followed by a period of informal chat. It would be good to see and hear from you.  

Sessions are held on Monday evenings, 7.00-8.30, and you can access the link by registering to attend on the Meetup site, here:  Quaker Quest on Meetup

You could also email ZoomQuakerQuest@gmail.com for the link.

For an account of what a Guardian journalist who describes herself as ‘an atheist who abhors proselytising’ thought of her Quaker Quest experience (Jan 2010) please follow the link: Guardian article on Quaker Quest.